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Name:Dc to Ac off grid 600w modified sine wave power inverter
peak power:1200w
frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
wave form:Modified Sine Wave
imput voltage:12V or 24V or 48V
output voltage:AC 100V-120V/210-240V

Product Description

Best quality modified sine wave power inverter


Power inverter is a kind of products which change the DC electricity to AC electricity. It has been widely used in cars, steamboats, mobile offering post and telecommunications, public security, emergency and other field.

This power inverter has adopted the international lead circuit design, with the advantage of small size, light, stable, and high conversion efficiency. It has five kind of protect function such as: input under voltage protection, input over voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, output short circuit protection.

Protection Features :

1.Undervoltage :LED red light, Buzzer alarm,automatic recovery 

2.Overvoltage:LED red light,automatic recovery  

3.Overload,High temperature: LED red light, automatic recovery

4.Reverse connect:Blown fuse

Product details

Modified sine ware power inverter
Model                    CTHA600                             CTHB600
Input Voltage                       DC 12V                               DC 24V
Working Voltage                   DC 9.5V-15.5V                           DC 20V-30V
Input Current                           50A                                  25A
Conversion Efficiency>90%
Continuous Power
Peak Power1200W
Output VoltageAC 100V-120V/210-240V
Output Current5A/2.7A
Output Frequency50Hz-60Hz
USB Output VoltageDC 5V(800mA)
Thermal Protection≥70℃
Operating Temperature0℃~40℃
CoolingBy Smart Fan
Under Voltage                         10±1V                                  20±1V 
Over  Voltage                          15±1V                                 30±1V
Net Weight900g
Gross Weight1120g
Carton535*435*310mm  20Piece/Carton
Camera, fan, hair dryer, electric light, electric kettle, electric shaver, TV set, CD player, mobile phone, notebook, portable device, in-vehicle



The field of application 

1.Power frequency alternating current (ac)off-grid power generation system .
Use for home :TV, computer,audio equipment ,washing machines,electric lights,rice cookers, refrigerators, fans, air conditioning and other household appliances. 
Use for office:computer,printers, fax machines, projectors, money detector...


2.No power frequency alternating current (ac) off-grid power generation system 

hand drill, impact drill, scrubbing machine, punching machine, electric saw, air 
compressor, emergency lighting, surgical lighting and so on.


3.Vehicle-mounted mobile office and RV life
mobile phones, PAD, DVD, GPS, fans, notebooks, monitors, printers, audio 
equipment and so on.


4.Isolated emergency power generation system applications

Emergency lighting, vehicle rescue, camping electrical equipment, medical ambulance vehicle equipment, ship related equipment...




Q1:Is it available for a sample?
A1:Sure, we accept sample order or trial order for testing first.

Q2: What's the price and MOQ?
A2:Please just send me inquiry, your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours, we will let you know the latest price and MOQ.

Q3: What's you delivery time?
A3:It depends on your quantity, but usually, within 7 days for sample order, 30 days for mass order

Q4: How about your payment and shipment?
A4:Payment: We accept T/T,terms of payment.
Shipment: For sample order, we use DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS etc.,for batch order, by sea or by air( through our forward) 

Q5:How about your warranty?
A5:Normally,we provide Pure sine inverter 2 year warranty / Modified Inverter 1 year warranty

Q6.Do you have you own factory?
A6:Yes,we have 13 years factory mainly in vfd,sensors,inverter.

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